Sunday, December 30, 2007

How about a little Moose Drool?

In planning my herd's New Year Eve celebration, I have decided to go with a Montana beer, "Moose Drool", as our beverage of choice.
A nice hearty brown ale, for a cold winter's night when one needs a bit of fortification. Should hit the spot nicely.
The Big Sky Brewing Co. in Missoula Montana is the maker of such an outstanding product. How can one go wrong with a name like "Moose Drool"? That just sound like refreshment to me!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Got Moose?

Well now, my owner seems to associate with humans who understand that us Moose are top priority and should be so recognized! The attached photographs are of a couple of Christmas gifts that the owner received. The "Got Moose?" is from a T-Shirt that his boss was smart enough to give him. I certainly hope he wears it frequently as in this town, if he is found wandering the streets, there is only one place in town for him to be returned too! [hopefully that isn't Banff, Canada!]. The other photograph is of a new herd member from the ornament family. As the little star states 2007 we will all easily keep track of when he was added into the herd. The owner's parents gave this guy to my owner for addition to my herd. So next time you hear "Got Moose?", you know that the answer is "Yes I do".

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

What Santa Wants

What Santa Wants
Originally uploaded by library.moose

And what I, The Library Moose, and my herd want is to wish all of you who visit my blog, a very Merry Christmas and to wish all a happy and healthy New Year. May your moose food never run out and your herd members be close to you.

Merry Moosemas everybody!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Candy Cane Moose

Candy Cane Moose
Originally uploaded by library.moose

'Twas 2 days before Christmas and new to the Candy. Candy was gifted to my owner [aka added to the herd] by an anonymous donor. Although we both feel that he was found in Solvang, which should give a huge clue to library staff as to who found him. Needless to say, Candy is very much over the top in his enjoyment of the Christmas holidays. I would say that he's been nibbling on the fermented holly berries a bit too much. You gotta love the shoes with candy cane tips though, don't see those every day do you?

Friday, December 21, 2007

Foster Moose.

Originally uploaded by library.moose

Let us all give a big welcome to Foster, a late holiday season adoptee. Brad and Angelina aren't the only families that are always looking to adopt new members into their herd. As I have the room and means to do so, when it comes to my attention that there is a chance at adopting a moose of lesser means into my family always open my heart and herd to others. Foster's misbegotten plight came to my attention through an intermediary source [thanks Bill!] and I am glad to welcome Foster into our herd. Already a number of my Library people herd and commented upon Foster and what a handsome new member of the herd he is, so welcome and may you enjoy your time with us!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Jackson Hole Six.

The Jackson Hole Six.
Originally uploaded by library.moose

You've heard of the Jackson Five or the Feasome Foursome before, well let me intoduce you to one of the hottest vocal groups in all of Moosedom, "The Jackson Hole Six". They grew up amidst the wonderful scenic splendors of the Grand Tetons and use the natural beauty of the area to inspire vocal sound. While they are on tour supporting their latest CD, "We wish you a Mossy Christmoose", they have taken a few days off to spend it with me and my herd this holiday.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Willie, Mickey and the Duke.

Willie, Mickey and the Duke.
Originally uploaded by library.moose

More Chistmoose season visitors to my herd....

Three college chums of mine, Willie "The Wheelman" who is a bus driver for senior services and loves to sing "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" while toting folks around this time of year. He's never actually run a Grandma over, backed over he's come close but never run over!

Mickey is a greeter at the local Moose-Mart. He loves to press the moose flesh and loves to sing "Grandma" with each and every handshake. Funny but Moose-Mart's profit dip during the Christmas shopping season instead of increase. Wouldn't have any thing to do with his singing would it?

Duke is a bouncer at a local watering hole [not a bar an actual watering hole] and he too loves to bounce along to the songs at the drop of a hat or a nod of his head.

Friday, December 14, 2007

What a nice Moose!

Wow, I am speechless [it can happen to me, ask around the library!]. Yesterday we had our staff holiday breakfast and besides the wonderful food [library staff do food good!] I, the owner, received a most unexpected and wonderful gift from The Library Moose. I now have a calendar featuring photos of my favorite moose, along with a few older photos of ye old owner. It looks like the moose got into collaberation with Louise, his official photographer, who also has a treasure trove of staff photos from over the years. We have always wondered where she keeps the photos because on the open market one could make a ton of money off of the blackmail. Anyways, the calendar is a special treat and I, the owner, shall try and get some photos posted from the calendar over the course of 2008.


Originally uploaded by library.moose

This is Wiggles. He is the Christmas visitor that everyone in the herd keeps away from the punch bowl...spiked or otherwise! Trust me when he drinks and gets his button pushed he literally wiggles and let us say that you only want to here his laughter once.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Harry N. David

Harry N. David
Originally uploaded by library.moose

A new member to the herd, and celebrating his first holiday with us, is the famed gossip columoost, Harry N. David. As you can see, Harry is well equiped to dish it out and so he shall from his new Burbank base of operations.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmoose Time is here.

Christmoose Time is here.
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Well I thought that I'd show off my current habit. mind you this is not the official photograph, that honor goes to Ms. Louise my long time photographer. The owner does pretty good these days but one always wants to keep those long standing relationships strong. The tree is new this year as is the table cloth. Looking nice and Christmasy don't you think?

The Singer Triplets.

Three Wise Moose.
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Also in town visiting, are the world famous Singer Triplets. These guys are reknowned for their vocal harmonies in their recordings. Although, we all love them, when on holiday vacation they tend to be a bit on the rowdy side and will sing at the drop of a hat, the wave of a hand or for that, any sort of motion or sign of life and they start singing. Fortunately, both the human and moose herd, shall we say know how to push their buttons and when they don't have the juice going the songs stop flowing! Besides they only know one Christmas song and "Grandma got run over by a raindeer" it does get a bit old to hear them sing the same thing all of the time. Nice guys to have around to inject some life into the party but you have to keep 'em under control.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Merry Moosemas Wreath

Merry Moosemas Wreath
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Hi again, yep, yet another post featuring out-of-town Holiday visitors. The Wreath Brothers tend to be guys who prefer a bit of distance from the herd, which is why during their seasonal visit they prefer to hang around in my owner's office.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Rikki and Ralph Moose.

Originally uploaded by library.moose

Currently visiting my library herd for the holidays are our dear friends Rikki and Ralph Moose from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. This time of the year, those Canadians are so cold that they tend to overdress a bit when visiting the warmer climate of Burbank. I keep telling them that skates aren't necessary but one can only do so much. Anyways, I hope that this season brings you into contact with your good friends, even if they too dress a bit inappropriately!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Uncle Buzzwinkle..moose on the loose!

Good old Uncle Buzzwinkle, out on the town, juiced as usual. Always has been know as the "Black Moose" of the family. Maybe he can go into rehab with Paris, and Lyndsey and Brittney? Thanks to one of my human herd, Jan, for bringing Uncle's latest adventure to my attention.

Bull moose strung with lights and tipsy on crab apples
What do you call a moose stumbling drunk on fermented crabapples in front of a dive bar with christmas lights tangled in its antlers? Buzzwinkle, of course
But seriously, the juiced moose had certainly seen better days than Tuesday, when he became a bewildered tourist attraction, parked in the courtyard of Bernie's Bungalow Lounge as shoppers clicked by with their Nordstrom bags. "He just has this goofy look on his face," said Rick Sinnott, a Fish and Game biologist who came to check on him and guessed he'd probably eaten too many crab apples from an old tree in Bernie's yard. "He's either drunk or in gastric distress." Even before his crab-apple bender, the downtown moose was something of a seasonal celebrity, making the television news after he spent the weekend clumping along the avenues with his big rack, thrilling the holiday shopping throngs. But Tuesday was a banner day for moose hijinks. It started when he stopped to nibble the trees in Town Square Park, which had recently been strung with expensive LED Christmas lights. They snagged in his antlers, and he seemed roped to a tree for a while, generating numerous calls to Sinnott's office from passers-by. After some effort, the moose freed himself, but took the light string with him, dragging it through traffic. Sinnott sees snagged moose all the time -- Christmas lights, hammocks, swing sets. Usually the animal will pull itself free, though occasionally, for bad snarls, it will have to be drugged and untangled by biologists. Those tangled moose get tagged. Buzzwinkle has one such tag, which means he's a repeat offender. After Town Square Park, the moose squeezed into the courtyard at Bernie's, where he settled in a pile of crab apples and eventually assumed a disoriented stance, staring into space, snorting steam. What was on his moose mind? Was he dreaming of chewing spring buds or sleeping in the tall summer grass? Was he filled with crab-appletini regret? Hard to say.
"He's just been in the same spot since I got here," said Gina Senior, a bartender at Bernie's. "He's not really doing much except standing there." "You can't do much for a drunk moose except wait for him to sober up," Sinnott said. And he's in a pretty good place -- among Bernie's fountains and yard sculptures, behind a hedge, safe from passing traffic.
Even Sinnott couldn't resist the pull of a bad moose one-liner.

"These country moose can't always hold their liquor," he said.


Monday, December 3, 2007

Three of a kind.

Three of a kind.
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Hey, its been a madhouse here for me, your library Moose. Christmas preparations and holiday plans, parties and shopping. Just never ends does it?! I wanted to introduce everyone to the newest herd members. These three little guys were send to me by one of my first supporters. A big Library Moose shout out to Joe Eiben, you always believed in my potential and I promise to look after and take good care of the three wee little moose. BTW, my owner did state that he well has learned his lessons from you Mr. Joe, when he saw the envelope in his mailbox, he listened to it first to make sure it wasn't ticking!

I have a lot of new pictures to post, new herd members to introduce, new Christmas habitat to show off and of course, I have a whole bunch of herd members who are visiting this month for the holidays to introduce everyone to, I just hope that there are enough days to deal with all of the going ons!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Wishing my herd, my library family and all of my internet friends and supporters a very

Happy Thanksgiving!

I will be spending the day with my herd mates cooking up a special meal, and yes, we will clean up the library kitchen and put everything back where we found it.

Wishing you all a day filled with family and friends, some good food and perhaps some football will round the day out nicely.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Thanksgiving Day portrait.

Hi everyone, shown is my official library portrait of my Thanksgiving day habitat. All of my herd are very thankful to live in such a wonderful environment and to have such a great group of humans to care for us and for us to provide for. My owner asked if I'd be kind enough to send our Thanksgiving best to his Mom. She is back home and he said he was very thankful about that. So from me and all of my herd, a happy Thanksgiving to my owners Mom...oh heck, besides that we wish everyone who follows this blog a very happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What to read, what ever should I read?

110507 004
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Here I am checking out the books in the library...what ever should a suave, sophisticated, urbane, witty, and darned good looking Moose-about-town...err, Moose-about-the-library read. As you can tell, I think I'll revisit one of my all-time favorite books!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Moose in action.

110507 003
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Here is a fancy, real-time photo shot of me, the Library Moose, posting this very blog post. I just knew that those Library security cameras could be rerouted for my purposes. Libraries are wonderful places, the technology that they offer the public for email and the such is just amazing...and yes, the books, CDs, magazines, etc. are pretty cool too!

Monday, November 5, 2007

Amoosement for the day.

110507 002
Originally uploaded by library.moose

In case that anyone doubted my ability to do my own blog by myself, I post this picture showing me hard at work. Yes that is one of the library's public internet PCs. I am limited to using the PCs prior to the library's opening and of course after closing which is what I am doing right now. With documented proof, I hope no one will continue to believe that my owner is behind all of this.

Speaking of the owner, he has begun the process of changing over to my next habitat...I am oh so thankful [a not so subtle hint to what the habitat will be] the flickering skeleton lights were getting a tad annoying and the cape was beginning to chafe.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scene of the crime....CSI Library!

To the left is a mysterious and highly suspicious note [click on it for closeup details] found in my habitat upon rescue and return. No ransom was demanded but I think that the mooseknappers didn't realize that mooseknapping such a famoose moose as I would bring the hot bright light of inquiry to close to their criminal activities! That and the fact that without me, an awful lot of library staff would be unable to obtain their needed chocolate and without chocolate, well let me just say this, if you think the screenwriters strike will be ugly and messy, you haven't seen librarians cut off from chocolate, it isn't a pretty sight, downright dangerous too!

I was unceremoniously discarded into the barren wasteland in the storage area, abandoned, lonely, I waited to be found, trying to maintain a brave front as I stared my fate in the wild, alone and nearly without hope....felt much like an unwanted, discarded book!

You may ask, do you, oh Library Moose have any ideas as to who was the nefarious and dastardly mastermind(s) behind this abortive mooseknapping and yes I do suspect someone. However upon forsenic crime scene investigation, not a fingerprint, hoofprint or animal fiber was left behind, not a clue, so even with suspicions, that is all they will remain but I hope to state my case at a later date and let you, my loyal audience decide the merits of my case.

Free at last, free at last!

I want to get in an update this evening to let all of my fans know that I am free from my mooseknapper(s) and back in my rightful place in Technical Services leading my herd. The above photo shows me earlier on Wednesday, having my fill of wonderful food at the staff Halloween potluck. My recollections of events once I ate are fuzzy at best, unfortunately I can only conclude that my mooseknapping was an "inside" job and that my food was mixed with a knockout drug of some sort.

What happened and where am I?

Uh, that must have been one amazing Library potluck party yesterday, for I, your humble Library Moose, find myself somewhere, lost far away from my normal habitat. Too bad I didn't leave a trail of "moose munch" to follow back home, but then again, we all know how well that worked in the fairy tale don't we? Where ever I am I did find a computer that I could put out this plea for rescue......

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween to all.......

The Library Moose wishes all of his fans, friends, fiends and ghouls a Happy Halloween. Shown is my "official" Halloween portrait taken by Louise. She has always done such a great job with my photos, always features my best side. Hope you are not too scared!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vermont Postcard from back east friends.

Vermont Postcard
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Well now, if I ain't just one lucky Library Moose! Yesterday I received a postcard in the mail, addressed to me from a couple of my friends who live back east. Ususally the only mail I get is whatever my owner doesn't want ... on sale library supply catalogs and other such library leftovers. It is nice to be remembered by my thoughtful friends Susan and Alice. Below is what they wrote, wish I'd've know of their travels as I could have sent some letters of introduction to my eastern brethren and they'd've really shown 'em what fall colors look like up close!

Dear Moose –

It is fall & we wished to visit with your friends & family – so we drove to Vermont. Lots of pretty leaves but NO moose around!! We searched all the bogs- we had to settle for scratching our antlers on the maple trees. Now we are sticky – Have a great fall Susan & Alice

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cousin Wade's Summer Pool of Fun!

Montana Pool Party 2
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Recently I received a couple of photos of Cousin Wade enjoying a nice dip in his backyard pool in Montana. Wade is known as the best swimmer in the family, so it isn't a surprise that he'd invest in a pool for those warm summer days. Of course Wade prefers to swim using doing the "moose paddle" style of swimming.

Thanks to Sylvie for sending Wade's photos to me.

Check my Flickr account for the other photo of Wade in action!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Canada....Canadian Moose sign.

Canadian Moose sign.
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Life is good being the Library Moose in that, when people go on vacation they sometimes [and yes even my owner has done so, see my post on my signed baseball] they bring back moose related items from their trips. One of the staff went to Canada and I didn't get a T-shirt! No, instead I got this cool, Trans Canada Moose sign. Contrary to popular rumor, I did not serve as the Male Moose Model for the moose on the sign. While he may be one good looking hunk of Moose, we all know that I, your humble [and studly] Library Moose am the hunkiest moose on the block!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sign of the times..

Moose Crossing sign with smaller moose sign.
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Here are a couple of herd members that get little attention. They hang on the wall in my owner's office. Bet its the only Moose Xing in Burbank, let alone in the Library!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Herd Member Spotlight - Magnetic Moose.

Originally uploaded by library.moose

Hi, yes I know its been far too long since I've spotlighted some of my herd members, so here is a picture of some members with a, shall we say, magnetic personality! They are part of "owner's office" branch of my herd and guard his file cabinet. The one in the middle is based on a US postage stamp that was in tribute to my fine and noble species.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Minions of the Moooooooooooooose!

Be afraid, be very afraid, not only have my evil and horrifying "minions of the moose" turned my herd members into dead zombies [can moose become zombies?] for Halloween, perhaps the scariest fact is my owner has a new digital camera and took this picture. I don't know if this is up to "Leadfoot Louise" standards but is is a photo of my current haunted habitat! What do you think? Click on the photo for the big picture.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moose on the loose!

Valentine's Day 2007
Originally uploaded by library.moose

I know many of my fans wonder, does The Library Moose ever make personal appearances away from his Central Library home? Actually, I rarely do travel, it is oh so hard to find good herd sitters these days, but this is a photo from my most recent outside visitation. This was taken at the Library staff Valentine's Day potluck lunch in Feb. 2007. Kay personally invited me and what is a good moose to do, except accept! A wonderful day of food was had by all, and of course, I brought chocolate treasures to give to my many fans.

This and a Christmas 2006 photo have been newly added to my Flickr account.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Web 2.0 proposal - Create a separate blog for Burbank Reads.

Proposal - create a separate blog for Burbank Reads that will help publicize and promote the upcoming 2008 program with our community.

Utilize the Burbank Reads planning committee as key members for input in developing and providing content for the blog, as well as creating a platform for public participation in developing future Burbank Reads programs. The Burbank Reads committee has representatives from Administration, Programming/Publicity, all branches and key existing blogging staff.

Primary goal for the Burbank Reads blog - increase/improve promotion of our second Burbank Reads program to patrons and staff. Create an ongoing vehicle for utilization in future Burbank Reads programs.

Added benefits/goals from the creation of the Burbank Reads blog
  • By using a team of currently active bloggers to create the Burbank Reads blog we will be able to bring different features/approaches to the new blog. Successful/New features can be implemented into the Library's blog both improving it and making its structure more collaberative in nature.
  • Create blogging responsibilities/schedules for the Burbank Reads blog. This will develop a larger cross-sectional pool of library staff bloggers as well as a better defined approach to blogging which also can be applied to the general library blog and other Web 2.0 applications.
  • Better communitcation and resource sharing with Publicity/Programming Office for Burbank Reads again will result in better use of their resources in the library blog. Particularly true in creating effective use of the library's Flickr account in support of blog posts.
  • Explore methods of increasing public comment/participation with successful ideas applied to the library blog.
  • Use the Burbank Reads blog to increase public participation in the selection process for following year's Burbank Reads programs.
  • In general, use the Burbank Reads blog experience to develop and refine overall staff Web 2.0 capabilities and further public awareness of library programs, services, etc. by better cross publicizing of the library between all manner of publicity methods from flyers, and bookmarks to the library web site and blogs. This should create a wider, flexible and more active library staff core which will provide a solid foundation for additional Web 2.0 utilization.

Time for some Manitoba Moosestyle!

Hockey season is right around the corner and this moose is ready to root for his favorite team, the Manitoba Moose. Did you have any doubt as to this moose's loyalty to his own? If you did, you probably took a hard check into the boards or a slap shot to the old noggin'!

They have some cool merchandise and check out "Antlevision", it is one of many moostacular features on the team's website.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just wait until you see...

I am a happy, haunted Moose today! Later this month I'll post a photo showing my latest habitat, Halloween 2007 or as I like to refer to it as "the minions of the Moose". I must give my owner his due, and that can be painful to do, but he has topped his past Halloween themed habitats with this years endevour. Be sure to check back closer to the 31st and I think that when compared to the photo from the previous post, this year is truly horrifying to see [but fun to live in!]

Monday, October 1, 2007

halloween moose 2004

halloween moose 2004
Originally uploaded by library.moose

My owner finally found a CD with older habitat photos from 2004 and 2005. Some 24 photos were uploaded to my Flickr account so go visit and enjoy. Note that the lavious habitats that me and my herd currently enjoy didn't exist back in the old days. My thanks to "Lead Foot Louise" who has been the official Library Moose photographer for a number of years.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fwd: Good news about Chocolate!

Wow I am quite pleased at this recent news, I would hate to think that I, your Library Moose, was providing addiction fixes.  Sure wouldn't want to be arrested by the Police for distributing controlled substances, Moose don't look good in jail stripes or heavens forbide those hideous orange prison jumpsuits!


Yahoo! News


Back to Story - Help

Can't quit chocolate? Don't fret, it's no addiction

By Michael Kahn1 hour, 49 minutes ago

Resistance is futile. The more we try to fight off a craving for chocolate, the more our desire for it grows, a British researcher said on Tuesday.

But chocoholics can take heart that such sweets are not addictive despite the fact many people consider themselves as having no control over their urges to eat the sweets, said Peter Rogers, a psychologist at the University of Bristol .

"Food behavior can look like addictive behavior in extreme situations but chocolate does not fit these criteria," Rogers told a meeting sponsored by the British Association for the Advancement of Science.

Many people point to certain compounds found in chocolate -- such as phenylethylamine -- that produce a buzz when they reach the brain as evidence chocolate is addictive, Rogers said.

But many of these compounds also exist in higher concentrations in other foods with less appeal, such as avocados or cheese, and do not cause addiction despite what many chocoholics believe, he said.

Instead, a social attitude that chocolate is "naughty but nice" may actually drive people to see chocolate as a forbidden pleasure and desire it even more, Rogers said.

"In other words, chocolate is a highly desirable food, but which according to social norms should be eaten with restraint," he said. "However, attempting to resist the desire to eat chocolate only causes thoughts about chocolate to become more prominent, consequently heightening the desire."

Other studies have suggested that dark chocolate contains more of the beneficial compounds linked with heart health, though experts note that the high sugar and fat content of most chocolate candy might cancel out some of the benefits.

But even health benefits do not make dark chocolate as popular as milk chocolate and chocolate covered confectionary, Rogers said further research has shown.

And the fact these favored choices contain lower amounts of the so-called psychoactive compounds found in dark chocolate provides more evidence chocolate is not addictive, he said.

"It is therefore far more plausible to suggest that a liking for chocolate, and its effects on mood, are due mainly to its principal constituents, sugar and fat, and their related orosensory and nutritional effects," he said in a statement.

Copyright © 2007 Reuters Limited. All rights reserved. Republication or redistribution of Reuters content is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of Reuters. Reuters shall not be liable for any errors or delays in the content, or for any actions taken in reliance thereon.

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Visit my habitat at

Where I live.

According to the current poll on my blog, you my adoring public, would like to know more about my library. Here is a nice photo of the outside of the Burbank Central Library where I reside in the Technical Services Department. I have lived at the library since December 1998...hey I wonder if everyone will be throwing me a 10 year anniversary party next year! What do you think, should I have a party?

Owner's post about Flickr for his class.

Hi, this is the Library Moose's owner, and I need to post concerning Flickr. I currently have a Flickr account that displays my ties and I will also plug my Library Moose's Flickr account that has various moose photos.

Both Flickr accounts are also listed below and to the left under Library Moose Links and other Moose related items are found under Food Favorites. Check back for new links as new Library Moose favorites are discovered.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moose Juice, sounds good to me!

I, yes I do read books, was looking over the new children's books when I spotted the "Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook" by Georgeanne Brennan and couldn't resist taking a look because the cover said that inside was a recipe for "moose juice". Of course I first recoiled in horror, how could mankind squeeze us noble moose into juice for their selfish consumption....ah, but then I calmed down and remembered one lesson that I've learned living in the library, that is never judge a book by its cover. Sure enough, the good Dr. Seuss had in his wisdom, intended moose juice to be enjoyed by moose! Now a good refreshing beverage is always something to look forward to and moose juice is an excellent example. Below is the recipe -

Moose Juice
¾ cup orange juice
½ cup orange sherbet
½ banana sliced
¼ teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon whipped cream

Directions for Moose Juice
combine the orange juice, sherbet, banana, vanilla extract in a blender. Puree until smooth.
Pour into a glass and top with whipped cream.
makes one serving.

And to show that this moose has literary interest, here is the appropriate Dr. Seuss excerpt from the cookbook....

A moose is asleep
He is dreaming of moose drinks
A goose is asleep
He is dreaming of goose drinks
That’s well and good, when a moose dreams of moose juice
And nothing goes wrong when a goose dreams of goose juice
But it isn’t too good when a moose and a goose
Start dreaming they’re drinking the other one’s juice

Dr. Seuss’s Sleep Book.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Flickr update.

Hi I just wanted to let all of my fans know that 2 new photos have been added to my Flickr account in the Moose Habitat folder. One is the new baseball photo shown a couple of posts ago and the other is an older Christmas photo from my 2002 habitat.

Amoosingly yours,

The Library Moose

Saturday, September 22, 2007

A bit slow a first, but...

My owner is finally beginning to show some smarts about being a guest poster on my blog and I appreciate his suggestion that all of his class visitor's will become subscribers and regular visitors and supporter of me, your friendly, neighborhood Library Moose. I promise that my moosings are much more amoosing than his are!

Owner's subscribed blogs.

Hi, this is the owner of the Library Moose, for my class I have need of posting about 5 blogs that I have subscribed to, so without any further delay, here they are....

  1. Information Wants to Be Free [one should always subscribe to one's instructor's blog!]
  2. Librarian in Black [sounded cool and I resemble the "tech-librarian by default" remark.
  3. Library Stuff [hey one always needs stuff!]
  4. Tame the Web [one could only hope, so any help is appreciated]
  5. Library Bytes [just liked the name of the blog]

In order to maintain my temporary use of his blog for class related posts, I would mention that The Library Moose blog is available for subscribing to too!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baseball Fever, Catch it!

Baseball 2007
Originally uploaded by library.moose

Hi all, as you can see me and my herd are currently enjoying "pennant fever" as baseball heads down to the last couple of weeks of the season. All in all, we are quite disappointed that the Dodgers are just not getting the job done while the Angels will make the playoffs again this season. LA deserves a better team, don't you think?

Monday, September 17, 2007

Sad news in the Moose family.

I am sure that you join me in sending my condolences and sympathy to my New Hampshire family over this recent senseless event. When will humans learn to drive carefully?

LITTLETON, N.H. -- One person was killed Sunday when a vehicle hit a moose and a tree in Littleton. State police said the car was headed south on Interstate 93 when it struck the moose Sunday morning. The car went off the road and hit a tree. The passenger was pronounced dead at the scene. No name was released. Driver Amy Perkins, 28, of Twin Mountain, N.H., was taken to Littleton Regional Hospital and treated for injuries that were not considered life-threatening.

Copyright 2007 by The Associated Press . All rights reserved.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Moosings in reply.

As a Moose, I am an animal of much proud lineage and heritage and I must protest this takeover by my owner of my blog! Does this blog state "owner of the Library Moose"? I don't think so, where does he get the nerve to force himself onto my blog? Just so everyone knows what I am up against in trying to maintain integrity of an honest Moose's efforts at an honest blog, I post a picture of said owner. Would you trust a man like this? I have my doubts as to whether or not he'll be true to his word and confine his blogging just to the course of his class, I guess time will tell.

The Owner speaks.

Hi, this post is by the Library Moose's owner, he is kind enough to share his blog with me so that I can participate in an online course that I am taking. From reading the moose's posts, he has stated that this blog is all his doing, I as the owner have fully participated in this blog's creation and need to make a few posts for my class over the next few weeks. I hope that this isn't too much of an incovenience to all.

Monday, September 10, 2007

New goodies today!

Hi, I your friendly neighborhood Library Moose, want to let you know that I've added a new poll [please vote] and a brand new Moose News section to my humble little blog. I hope that you will vote and enjoy catching up on the latest in Moose news!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Uncle Ralph on the campaign trail.

Uncle Ralph, shown here making a local stump speech, has been busy of late mingling with the public. He is trying to revive the Bull Moose party single handed and is working towards getting elected to his local City Council. Uncle Ralph has always been civic minded and with a mouth like that, naturally gifted in the gift of gab department too! More of Uncle Ralph's pictures are on my Flickr account.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Brief update.

Hi, just to let you know that the official Library Newsletter photograph of my 2007 Summertime habitat can be found on my Flickr site.

Have a enjoyable long Labor Day Holiday weekend!

Monday, August 27, 2007

Moose Tracks ice cream revisited again!

Well I must report that Moose Tracks ice cream seems to be a flavor that is shared among grocery stores for their store brand products. This ice cream loving moose has seen the flavor at Pavilions and Ralph's and you don't see these two stores cooperating on too much now do you! Ralph's had the mint ice cream version of my namesake flavor and it differs a bit in that there are not mni chocolate PB cups in it but little mint chocolate cups...tasty guys, I don't have mint ice cream much but this is pretty tasty stuff.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Political Favorites - The Bull Moose Party.

While my owner is known as a bit of a Presidential junkie [you should see the stuff he has] [take a look on any 4th of July habitat photo for proof] both he and I share a great fondness for Teddy Roosevelt. He said he was as strong as a "Bull Moose" and when he contended as an independant Presidential candidate in 1912, it was as the head of the Bull Moose Party. Who else would this Moose vote for?, progressive, energetic, a founder of environmental conservation [important to this Moose!], Teddy is a fascinating person to read about and my favorite President. Click here to see some of the many items available at the library.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Summertime and the living is Moosey!

As you can see, me and my herd are chilling for summer fun. Lots of hats to help keep us cool and shady. I am hanging 10 on my board ready to hit the waves. Did you know that I am wearing a custom made shirt by my good friend Chris? Not bad sewing for a Librarian, shows talent she's a crafty one alright. More summer pics are on my Flickr site.