Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Favorites Books.

I just heard or should that be herd? that my owner was asked to provide some favorite books of his for a patron to I thought that I'd mention one of my favorite books, "A Chocolate Moose for Dinner" by Fred Gwynne. Yep, that Fred Gwynne, best known for playing Herman Munster on TV, he was also an author and illustrator and while I first thought that the title was pretty horrific sounding to a Moose like me, I have learned in my time living in the library to never judge a book by its title! As bad as it may sound, Chocolate Moose is full of witty takes on puns and wordplay. Fun artwork too! A fun, and favorite book of mine, I like to read it to my herdmates at night when the library is closed and while I don't own a copy myself, my library does so it is pretty handy to find and share. I will have to post about more favorite books, etc. in the future. If you've not read it, try it and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I believe a certain librarian in your area would appreciate the comment on this book as it is her husband's father :-)