Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Moose Herd Member of the Week or Who let my dog out????

Meet my herd member, dog. I have wondered just where the heck he's been of late, turns out he is representing the herd proudly in the lobby display case supporting Burbank Reads Marley & Me. Funny, I don't recall him asking permission for a leave of absence from the herd, but I will forgive that transgression and am pleased that he is supporting such a great program. Dog was acquired because of his holiday signage. For certain holidays, you will notice that dog will have a holiday specific sign. Other months he provides a cheery welcome! to all who visit our herd and habitat. Stop by and say hello to dog in the lobby or when he returns to the herd later this month.


Rosario said...

dog looks like he is enjoying his job as the "face of the herd"!

Library Moose said...

That is true. Dog has always preferred to let his sign do his talking, although he is unable to post his Easter greeting this year.