Monday, April 16, 2007

Returning to the herd today...herd members of the week.

Hi, well good news today. My next habitat was being laid out by my owner and what did we find but this fine fellow. He has been absent from the herd for apparently about a year. Where was he, sleeping off last year's Cinco de Mayo celebration, guess he imbibed in too much tequila and hid off to sleep it off.

This straying member is one of a set of Triplets who joined my herd after their rescue from something that people call a "yard sale". Apparently one of the members of the library herd is quite fond of these events. Thankfully she had the good taste to liberate all three of the triplets.

I do have hope that the remaining third member of the triplets will be soon found. Two of them disappeared from my herd awhile back. The second member has been found and reunited and I am hopeful, that one found will lead to the third triple soon to be found.


amby said...

very 'amoosing' mr moose.
i moost say that i have added
some of your posts to my
burbank archive of BPL blog
also -surprised library moose
is linked on the ?

Library Moose said...

Very glad that you have visited my humble habitat! "I moost say"...well, I moost say that I will have to use that phrase in the future.