Saturday, May 5, 2007

Happy Cinco de Mooso

Hola amigos! As you can see, Senor Moose [that's me] and my hombres are in our latest habitat and ready to throw a fiesta in honor of Cinco de Mayo. Around the library, it is known as Cinco de Mooso. Some tacos, cerveza, chips and salsa and a margarita always hit the spot. My owner and I recommend a visit to Olvera St.. lots of shopping [that is where most of my stylish Cinco de Mayo threads are from] and we just love the tacquitos from the lunch stands!


Rosario Garza said...

I see you also like to play "chalupa", that favorite board game of moose from south of the border!

Library Moose said...

Yes it is fun to play. Do you play it too?

Rosario Garza said...

Oh, yes! I remember many an evening playing with my sisters. We used pinto beans (dry, before cooking) as our playing pieces (which after we finished went back into the stash that my mom would cook up eventually. And my husband and I have a set at home we occasionally use.