Sunday, July 15, 2007

Baseball Trip Souvenir.

Wow look at this! My owner bought me an autographed baseball from my all-time favorite baseball player...Moose Skowron! I never have owned a Moose Skowron item, not even a baseball card growing up. I guess that owner of mine can be quite thoughtful at times no matter what everyone else says about him. I could stand and gaze at this all day long!


Rosario Garza said...

Wow, a Moose Skowron baseball! You should be honored -- he played for the Yankees, the Dodgers and a few other teams! And he had the forethought to be given such a great nickname.

Library Moose said...

Trust me I know how lucky I am to receive such a gift. My owner does not think too kindly of the Yankees, so for him to give me a ball of a player primarily known for being a Yankee took a lot. Maybe Skowron's time with the Dodgers balanced things out a bit. I thank you for your faithful comments. I gather that you too like baseball?

Rosario Garza said...

I *LOVE* baseball, enough so that I'll even watch the Dodgers! ;) Coming from Colorado, I'm a Rockies fan.