Friday, August 17, 2007

A few words on my eating habits - thank goodness for M and M's!

Over the years my diet has varied to some extent. You know how it is when you live in the wilds of the library, one must eat what nature provides. Sustenance is all the more difficult for a herd of our size and as the leader of the herd, it can be a worrisome burden to bear wondering where our next meal will come from. My environs seem to support a seemingly inexhaustible supply of a round, chocolaty food item called "M and M's". The supply is so plentiful that I am able to share freely and with no restraint with my human herd too. I will say, that while my herd mates and I are happy with whatever variety of "M and M's" is currently in season, those humans seem to be a far pickier lot. Some only eat dark chocolate, some like peanut butter, others only those with nuts, while a select few are just happy to have their hunger satisfied with any old variety. Funny creatures these humans are, particularly with this chocolate stuff.

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