Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween to all.......

The Library Moose wishes all of his fans, friends, fiends and ghouls a Happy Halloween. Shown is my "official" Halloween portrait taken by Louise. She has always done such a great job with my photos, always features my best side. Hope you are not too scared!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vermont Postcard from back east friends.

Vermont Postcard
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Well now, if I ain't just one lucky Library Moose! Yesterday I received a postcard in the mail, addressed to me from a couple of my friends who live back east. Ususally the only mail I get is whatever my owner doesn't want ... on sale library supply catalogs and other such library leftovers. It is nice to be remembered by my thoughtful friends Susan and Alice. Below is what they wrote, wish I'd've know of their travels as I could have sent some letters of introduction to my eastern brethren and they'd've really shown 'em what fall colors look like up close!

Dear Moose –

It is fall & we wished to visit with your friends & family – so we drove to Vermont. Lots of pretty leaves but NO moose around!! We searched all the bogs- we had to settle for scratching our antlers on the maple trees. Now we are sticky – Have a great fall Susan & Alice

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Cousin Wade's Summer Pool of Fun!

Montana Pool Party 2
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Recently I received a couple of photos of Cousin Wade enjoying a nice dip in his backyard pool in Montana. Wade is known as the best swimmer in the family, so it isn't a surprise that he'd invest in a pool for those warm summer days. Of course Wade prefers to swim using doing the "moose paddle" style of swimming.

Thanks to Sylvie for sending Wade's photos to me.

Check my Flickr account for the other photo of Wade in action!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh Canada....Canadian Moose sign.

Canadian Moose sign.
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Life is good being the Library Moose in that, when people go on vacation they sometimes [and yes even my owner has done so, see my post on my signed baseball] they bring back moose related items from their trips. One of the staff went to Canada and I didn't get a T-shirt! No, instead I got this cool, Trans Canada Moose sign. Contrary to popular rumor, I did not serve as the Male Moose Model for the moose on the sign. While he may be one good looking hunk of Moose, we all know that I, your humble [and studly] Library Moose am the hunkiest moose on the block!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Sign of the times..

Moose Crossing sign with smaller moose sign.
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Here are a couple of herd members that get little attention. They hang on the wall in my owner's office. Bet its the only Moose Xing in Burbank, let alone in the Library!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Herd Member Spotlight - Magnetic Moose.

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Hi, yes I know its been far too long since I've spotlighted some of my herd members, so here is a picture of some members with a, shall we say, magnetic personality! They are part of "owner's office" branch of my herd and guard his file cabinet. The one in the middle is based on a US postage stamp that was in tribute to my fine and noble species.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Minions of the Moooooooooooooose!

Be afraid, be very afraid, not only have my evil and horrifying "minions of the moose" turned my herd members into dead zombies [can moose become zombies?] for Halloween, perhaps the scariest fact is my owner has a new digital camera and took this picture. I don't know if this is up to "Leadfoot Louise" standards but is is a photo of my current haunted habitat! What do you think? Click on the photo for the big picture.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Moose on the loose!

Valentine's Day 2007
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I know many of my fans wonder, does The Library Moose ever make personal appearances away from his Central Library home? Actually, I rarely do travel, it is oh so hard to find good herd sitters these days, but this is a photo from my most recent outside visitation. This was taken at the Library staff Valentine's Day potluck lunch in Feb. 2007. Kay personally invited me and what is a good moose to do, except accept! A wonderful day of food was had by all, and of course, I brought chocolate treasures to give to my many fans.

This and a Christmas 2006 photo have been newly added to my Flickr account.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Web 2.0 proposal - Create a separate blog for Burbank Reads.

Proposal - create a separate blog for Burbank Reads that will help publicize and promote the upcoming 2008 program with our community.

Utilize the Burbank Reads planning committee as key members for input in developing and providing content for the blog, as well as creating a platform for public participation in developing future Burbank Reads programs. The Burbank Reads committee has representatives from Administration, Programming/Publicity, all branches and key existing blogging staff.

Primary goal for the Burbank Reads blog - increase/improve promotion of our second Burbank Reads program to patrons and staff. Create an ongoing vehicle for utilization in future Burbank Reads programs.

Added benefits/goals from the creation of the Burbank Reads blog
  • By using a team of currently active bloggers to create the Burbank Reads blog we will be able to bring different features/approaches to the new blog. Successful/New features can be implemented into the Library's blog both improving it and making its structure more collaberative in nature.
  • Create blogging responsibilities/schedules for the Burbank Reads blog. This will develop a larger cross-sectional pool of library staff bloggers as well as a better defined approach to blogging which also can be applied to the general library blog and other Web 2.0 applications.
  • Better communitcation and resource sharing with Publicity/Programming Office for Burbank Reads again will result in better use of their resources in the library blog. Particularly true in creating effective use of the library's Flickr account in support of blog posts.
  • Explore methods of increasing public comment/participation with successful ideas applied to the library blog.
  • Use the Burbank Reads blog to increase public participation in the selection process for following year's Burbank Reads programs.
  • In general, use the Burbank Reads blog experience to develop and refine overall staff Web 2.0 capabilities and further public awareness of library programs, services, etc. by better cross publicizing of the library between all manner of publicity methods from flyers, and bookmarks to the library web site and blogs. This should create a wider, flexible and more active library staff core which will provide a solid foundation for additional Web 2.0 utilization.

Time for some Manitoba Moosestyle!

Hockey season is right around the corner and this moose is ready to root for his favorite team, the Manitoba Moose. Did you have any doubt as to this moose's loyalty to his own? If you did, you probably took a hard check into the boards or a slap shot to the old noggin'!

They have some cool merchandise and check out "Antlevision", it is one of many moostacular features on the team's website.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Just wait until you see...

I am a happy, haunted Moose today! Later this month I'll post a photo showing my latest habitat, Halloween 2007 or as I like to refer to it as "the minions of the Moose". I must give my owner his due, and that can be painful to do, but he has topped his past Halloween themed habitats with this years endevour. Be sure to check back closer to the 31st and I think that when compared to the photo from the previous post, this year is truly horrifying to see [but fun to live in!]

Monday, October 1, 2007

halloween moose 2004

halloween moose 2004
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My owner finally found a CD with older habitat photos from 2004 and 2005. Some 24 photos were uploaded to my Flickr account so go visit and enjoy. Note that the lavious habitats that me and my herd currently enjoy didn't exist back in the old days. My thanks to "Lead Foot Louise" who has been the official Library Moose photographer for a number of years.