Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Famoose Celebrities.

Follow this link to a video by The Bobs. The Druid song features a camooseo appearance by yet another media Moose darling. He is the crux of the whole video, without his brief but powerful screen presence the whole show fails. I really don't know how TV and films survive with so little moosence on screen...such powerful stuff that I guess a little dab will do ya!

Oh all right, sheeze, that owner is such a pest at times, he insists that I mention that you should visit The Bobs website at http://www.bobs.com/ the things that I endure because of him!

1 comment:

Rosario Garza said...

Powerful presence, indeed. The moose made the video! It would have been dull and drab without his startling performance.