Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Vermont Postcard from back east friends.

Vermont Postcard
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Well now, if I ain't just one lucky Library Moose! Yesterday I received a postcard in the mail, addressed to me from a couple of my friends who live back east. Ususally the only mail I get is whatever my owner doesn't want ... on sale library supply catalogs and other such library leftovers. It is nice to be remembered by my thoughtful friends Susan and Alice. Below is what they wrote, wish I'd've know of their travels as I could have sent some letters of introduction to my eastern brethren and they'd've really shown 'em what fall colors look like up close!

Dear Moose –

It is fall & we wished to visit with your friends & family – so we drove to Vermont. Lots of pretty leaves but NO moose around!! We searched all the bogs- we had to settle for scratching our antlers on the maple trees. Now we are sticky – Have a great fall Susan & Alice

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