Sunday, October 7, 2007

Web 2.0 proposal - Create a separate blog for Burbank Reads.

Proposal - create a separate blog for Burbank Reads that will help publicize and promote the upcoming 2008 program with our community.

Utilize the Burbank Reads planning committee as key members for input in developing and providing content for the blog, as well as creating a platform for public participation in developing future Burbank Reads programs. The Burbank Reads committee has representatives from Administration, Programming/Publicity, all branches and key existing blogging staff.

Primary goal for the Burbank Reads blog - increase/improve promotion of our second Burbank Reads program to patrons and staff. Create an ongoing vehicle for utilization in future Burbank Reads programs.

Added benefits/goals from the creation of the Burbank Reads blog
  • By using a team of currently active bloggers to create the Burbank Reads blog we will be able to bring different features/approaches to the new blog. Successful/New features can be implemented into the Library's blog both improving it and making its structure more collaberative in nature.
  • Create blogging responsibilities/schedules for the Burbank Reads blog. This will develop a larger cross-sectional pool of library staff bloggers as well as a better defined approach to blogging which also can be applied to the general library blog and other Web 2.0 applications.
  • Better communitcation and resource sharing with Publicity/Programming Office for Burbank Reads again will result in better use of their resources in the library blog. Particularly true in creating effective use of the library's Flickr account in support of blog posts.
  • Explore methods of increasing public comment/participation with successful ideas applied to the library blog.
  • Use the Burbank Reads blog to increase public participation in the selection process for following year's Burbank Reads programs.
  • In general, use the Burbank Reads blog experience to develop and refine overall staff Web 2.0 capabilities and further public awareness of library programs, services, etc. by better cross publicizing of the library between all manner of publicity methods from flyers, and bookmarks to the library web site and blogs. This should create a wider, flexible and more active library staff core which will provide a solid foundation for additional Web 2.0 utilization.


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Rebecca said...

I like the idea of a blog associated with a specific library program. You mention that the blog with address the public, but also mention that staff will be assigned to create entries for the blog as part of professional development. I've seen some blogs that weren't so great, because they were created just because a library wanted a blog (and not because there was a need to deliver specific content). I think that if you let the content drive the blog entries (program updates, commentary, etc) and stop short of telling people to post just to post, you'll have a success on your hands for both staff and the public!

Andi said...

This is a fantastic idea.. and besides the time spent creating it.. it's essentially free advertising.