Monday, November 5, 2007

Amoosement for the day.

110507 002
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In case that anyone doubted my ability to do my own blog by myself, I post this picture showing me hard at work. Yes that is one of the library's public internet PCs. I am limited to using the PCs prior to the library's opening and of course after closing which is what I am doing right now. With documented proof, I hope no one will continue to believe that my owner is behind all of this.

Speaking of the owner, he has begun the process of changing over to my next habitat...I am oh so thankful [a not so subtle hint to what the habitat will be] the flickering skeleton lights were getting a tad annoying and the cape was beginning to chafe.

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Anonymous said...

Have you googled yourself lately? It seems you have a cousin mirroring your activities at the Tinley Park Library. There was even a moose-napping!