Thursday, November 1, 2007

Scene of the crime....CSI Library!

To the left is a mysterious and highly suspicious note [click on it for closeup details] found in my habitat upon rescue and return. No ransom was demanded but I think that the mooseknappers didn't realize that mooseknapping such a famoose moose as I would bring the hot bright light of inquiry to close to their criminal activities! That and the fact that without me, an awful lot of library staff would be unable to obtain their needed chocolate and without chocolate, well let me just say this, if you think the screenwriters strike will be ugly and messy, you haven't seen librarians cut off from chocolate, it isn't a pretty sight, downright dangerous too!

I was unceremoniously discarded into the barren wasteland in the storage area, abandoned, lonely, I waited to be found, trying to maintain a brave front as I stared my fate in the wild, alone and nearly without hope....felt much like an unwanted, discarded book!

You may ask, do you, oh Library Moose have any ideas as to who was the nefarious and dastardly mastermind(s) behind this abortive mooseknapping and yes I do suspect someone. However upon forsenic crime scene investigation, not a fingerprint, hoofprint or animal fiber was left behind, not a clue, so even with suspicions, that is all they will remain but I hope to state my case at a later date and let you, my loyal audience decide the merits of my case.

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