Thursday, December 27, 2007

Got Moose?

Well now, my owner seems to associate with humans who understand that us Moose are top priority and should be so recognized! The attached photographs are of a couple of Christmas gifts that the owner received. The "Got Moose?" is from a T-Shirt that his boss was smart enough to give him. I certainly hope he wears it frequently as in this town, if he is found wandering the streets, there is only one place in town for him to be returned too! [hopefully that isn't Banff, Canada!]. The other photograph is of a new herd member from the ornament family. As the little star states 2007 we will all easily keep track of when he was added into the herd. The owner's parents gave this guy to my owner for addition to my herd. So next time you hear "Got Moose?", you know that the answer is "Yes I do".

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