Monday, December 3, 2007

Three of a kind.

Three of a kind.
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Hey, its been a madhouse here for me, your library Moose. Christmas preparations and holiday plans, parties and shopping. Just never ends does it?! I wanted to introduce everyone to the newest herd members. These three little guys were send to me by one of my first supporters. A big Library Moose shout out to Joe Eiben, you always believed in my potential and I promise to look after and take good care of the three wee little moose. BTW, my owner did state that he well has learned his lessons from you Mr. Joe, when he saw the envelope in his mailbox, he listened to it first to make sure it wasn't ticking!

I have a lot of new pictures to post, new herd members to introduce, new Christmas habitat to show off and of course, I have a whole bunch of herd members who are visiting this month for the holidays to introduce everyone to, I just hope that there are enough days to deal with all of the going ons!

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