Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Brief Word to support my humans.

Hey there, it is time for this moose to get up upon his pulpit here to drum up some awareness of what his humans in the library will be involved in. Yep, it is soon time for Burbank READS 2008. A great program to bring people together reading the same book, sharing, talking and just having a good time. You can keep up to date on the various moosings about Burbank READS at their new blog http://burbankreads.blogspot.com/. What is that curious reader, you want to know what book everyone in Burbank will be reading, well that is a secret until February 5 when it shall be revealed. I will give you a hint though, despite my efforts at lobbying, this book doesn't feature us noble moose. I must confess, I fear this is a terrible mistake after all, what is more unifying and popular than everyone's admiration and enjoyment of Moose?

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