Thursday, January 3, 2008

Gotta question...Ask Wiki!

My owner showed me a new library website, those clever humans have put together what is called a Wiki. All this Moose knows is it contains some good and useful information on where to find out about things. Visit it and take a look! The library humans promise to add more information to it all of the time. I will say, it does have room for improvement as it does not have one bit of information about Moose. Seems like a glaring ommision in this Moose's book, but maybe as they make improvements...but I do think that I shall visit the Wiki to see what I can learn about and you should too!

1 comment:

NotMarion said...

Well, thank you and you're welcome Mr. Moose, for visiting and appreciating AskWiki. I will make an effort to find some moose-wortht content to satisfy.