Sunday, March 2, 2008

Belated Happy Valentines Day.

Well they say better late than never, so we shall test this right now. Here is my owner's photo of last month's Valentines Day habitat. Yes I know that I have been rather quiet of late, but I will say that my owner had to spend 2 weeks attending to his family and he wasn't around to find out why my "Official Photographer" never took a photo. That is what I was waiting all this time to about unrequited love!

Hello Mr. DeMille, I and my herd was ready for my close-up!

Guess I will have to press ahead and never depend on humans for too much help. Oh well, "The Moose of Love" belatedly sends his hugs and kisses to all of you moose lovers and I promise that I shall write more soon.

Originally uploaded by library.moose

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