Friday, April 11, 2008

Owner update.

The owner has been in contact with me, he is back in town and will be back at work on Monday, although he will be found helping out at the Burbank READS program featuring retired astronaut, Vance Brand.  He does say that he brought me back some goodies from his Detroit, SirsiDynix Superconference trip...I wonder what he got me?  I love gifts, and as you may recall, when he went on his baseball trip last summer I got an autographed Moose Skowron baseball, I hope that this goodie is as good.  But what does one get at a conference?  Particularly a ILS conference, do you get a new server? A new piece of software? Time will tell but this Moose is very curious.
The owner is also quite happy in having finally found some Moose Drool beer at the local BevMo store.
I will let everyone know about my conference goodie as soon as I can...

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