Wednesday, June 4, 2008


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Hi, I have just posted a whole slew of photos taken of my herd members. Check my Flickr page or take a look at the slide show of my photostream for some of the herd members in all of their glory.

This is dog who is the offical greeter of the Library Moose herd. He has special holiday hats and if you check some of my habitat photos you might see Dog wearing his hats or showing off his special holiday themed signs.


Lee said...

It's nice to know, Moose, that you're a very culturally tolerant. It's nice to know that your herd is an equal-opportunity herd.

Is Dog your only non-Moose?

The Library Moose said...

No there are a few other members of my herd that are honorary Moose. I will have to try and get a feature post on them in the near future.