Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Kay and friend.

Kay and friend.
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Kay, shown with her new friend, at her retirement party last Friday. Which one is Kay you ask, why that is easy, she is the one with the good hair!

Kay has been a friend of The Library Moose, [how I've been invited to BV staff parties in the past] and I know that the Burbank Library will miss her. I do think that she missed the boat in going off on a vacation trip to hang around with Orangutans, given her good taste I'd've figured her for someone who'd go hang out with the most wonderful animals in the world...Moose!

Maybe she'll get it right on her next retiremen.

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Lee said...

I love Kay, she's awesome and I'm glad to know she's going to hang out with some of her friends...

But who's the human with her?