Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Baaaaacccckkkkkkkk

I know that my many fans have been wondering, Library Moose, where have you been? Why haven't you been keeping us up-to-date on your amoosing adventures? Why so moosterious and quiet?

Well, the picture tells a 1,000 word story.
When it became apparent that Gov. Sarah Palin would wind up running for the office of Vice President, myself, my herd and my species became highly concerned. I mean, look at it from our point of view, you people were considering electing a woman who was known to kill, gut, clean and eat my kind! How would you feel if France was going to possibly elect a person who like to kill and eat Americans? With that facing all of moosekind, we made a decision that now was the time to lay low and take cover, we did not want to provoke any sort of response from Gov. Palin or the American voter.
Us Moose are not really known for being, shall we say "political animals". The only time we've dipped our hooves into such waters was way back in 1912 with Teddy Roosevelt's "Bull Moose" party. That didn't turn out too well did it so all of us Moose have been quiet throughout the political season, the transition to a new President and now after a couple of months, all of us Moose feel more secure about our futures and we now will begin to make our mooselves visible.
There are new herd members to introduce, and much more to catch up on!
Talk to you soon.
The Library Moose!

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